Hello! My name is Eric Sherman.


My professional and academic background is highly interdisciplinary. I studied Political Science(focusing in organizational theory, political economy, and urban politics) and Geography and Environmental Studies (Focusing in Urban Planning, Sustainable Development and GIS).

As a first generation college student from a working-class family, much of my interests revolve around a desire to understand the struggles faced by disadvantaged communities or individuals, as well an overall curiosity for what makes functional communities ‘tick’, and to bring these stories to a wider audience.

I have a personal belief that conflating how people behave and interact in their real-life environment with the organizational structures they operate inside of can lead to profound and actionable observations. I got into working with technology as a way to answer these questions and address these issues in pragmatic but impactful ways.

I am also very passionate about the potential ways for art and technology to intersect to tell powerful, relevant stories, as you can see in this Ignite Talk.


Civic Engagement & Public Policy

As part of the leadership team for Chi Hack Night, I am closely involved with hosting, promotion, and strategic planning of our event. I have also volunteered and worked in Chicago Politics since 2012, which has included outreach work for political campaigns as well as lobbying work on behalf of Chicago Votes for automatic voter registration.

GIS & Cartography

I studied GIS software and tools as part of my undergrad, and have gone on to use these skills and others to support myself as a technology consultant and full-stack web developer specializing in GIS and Cartography. Several of these projects are detailed below.

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