Styling Your Layers

Styling layers

Right-click on layers and go to "Properties" and select "Style" on the left-hand menu

Default (indicated at the top left) is "Single Symbol" which is one marker/color

From this menu, can change marker styles, colors, sizes, map units, transparency, rotation

Parameters can be overridden based on expressions that can be written. To do so, click the button to the right

The top left drop-down allows for

single symbol (default)

categorized (good for categorical),

graduated (good for numeric data)

Pick a column to classify the data

Can specify a number of classes and a scheme for dividing them, e.g. "equal interval", "quantile", "natural breaks", and can manually edit these

Can look at the values in the histogram by clicking on the "Histogram" tab (which is at the same level as the "Classes" tab)

rule-based (combine other stylizations based on rules that the user sets out),

Default rules will be created starting with other methods

Heat-map (simple to use)

Can play with rendering quality, color ramp, weight of different points

Fancy Time Animation!

Add the "TimeManager" plugin

This adds a new window at the bottom

Under Settings menu can

Add a layer: select a layer, column of interest (and time units if desired)

Select how to play back e.g. time increments, speed of display

Have a button to "export video"